Company Profile

E-REV Motor Sports LLP manufactures/distributes Ultra Racing TM Products, Crystal TM Frame/Frameless Silicone Wipers in Singapore and overseas market. E-REV Motor Sports LLP was founded in Singapore in 2005 with the vision that the safety for the car can be improved through better car handling and better visibility.

Stabilizer Bars are popular in car racing industries. Our company have now incorporate the stabilizer bars into more family saloon cars to enhance the car chassis for better car handling and improving the car stability.

With the safety in mind, our company manufacture the "Crystal" Supreme Silicone Wipers to improve the durability for the wipers and better visibility for all the cars. Currently we are in the mist of doing up more stabilizer bars and wiper models for different car makes.

Our company have our own quality assurance control team to oversee and control our products quality standard. This will in turn enhance our customers to have greater confidence when selecting our products.

Our company is looking forward in expanding our distribution network for our products to more overseas market.